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Family Therapy

Family life can be great!
And it can also be disappointing, frustrating, stressful, quarrelsome, chaotic….

When family life becomes really difficult, I can offer a combination unique to your family by providing:
* An opportunity for parents to discuss your concerns by phone initially;
* Safe boundaries in a supportive, therapeutic environment;
* An assessment of your needs;
* A safe, regular therapeutic space for family members to listen and be together;
* No pressure to talk or take part when feelings run high (as they can for children and teenagers);
* The opportunity to link with your child's school and or CAMHS.

  • Sometimes parents come for a couple of sessions first to talk about how they see the difficulties;
  • After an assessment time, I recommend a number of regular family sessions. These can range between 6 and 20 once-weekly or twice-weekly sessions;
  • The assessment is done with your best interests in mind. There is no obligation on you to take up the number of recommended sessions;
  • A couple of Family Therapy sessions with the family can sometimes be enough to help a family begin to come through their own difficulties;
  • Dramatherapy offers through play, drama and story methods an additional, non-verbal way to express difficult feelings;
  • Learning is linked fundamentally with wellbeing: children can sometimes benefit from the specialised tailored teaching offered within a therapy session;
  • In each session we think about what everyone would like by the end of our therapy time together, and we work towards it.
  • More relaxed and effective communication between a child’s two split families can be an important outcome for the child’s peace of mind.
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